Saturday, 7 January 2017

Goodbye Hobart Studio!

This week I moved out of my little home in Hobart, en route to a new home and a new life in Townsville. The change is exciting of course, but I will miss the life I've had here for almost 12 months.
One thing I'll really miss is my lovely studio space (aka front sun room). The room had built in shelving perfect for my growing stash of fabric, wool, clothes to recycle and boxes of past projects. The space was just the right size to fit my large cutting table as well as my L-shaped workbench. But the best features were the gorgeous windows on both Northern and Western walls which let in an abundance of light all day and, most importantly in the Tasmanian winter, warmth! It was so hot in there some days I was in sleeveless dresses and sunnies!
Not only was the space aesthetically beautiful, inviting and practical to work in, it also overlooked my all-year blooming front garden and the busy street beyond. I often had passers-bye stop to admire the garden, say hello to the free-ranging chooks and occasionally they would glance up and make eye contact. It helped me feel connected to the world in my otherwise solitary activity.
Sadly, I doubt that the studio in my new home will live up to this one! Luckily I had the foresight to have a very talented photographer, Natalie Mendham capture this space in all it's glory!

Here are a few of the images from the shoot.

Me at work sewing sequins.

The space was so bright I often had to wear sunglasses!

So many beads to choose from!

Two of my inspiration boards are visible in the background here.
Natalie takes a lovely portrait!
And here are a few pics I took myself when things were looking photogenic…

My favourite "shelfie" of vintage boxes, baskets, jars of beads and my frog planter.

The mirror ball sparkled pretty much all day in the northern window.

This was taken when I first set up. My feline friends also took an immediate liking to the sunny vantage point.
For more images of my work from the Natalie Mendham shoot, see my website.

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  1. What a gorgeous studio! I know you will miss it but slowly your new place will reveal its specialness to you. All the best.