Saturday, 25 February 2017

Inspiration for new projects.

This week, I thought I'd revisit some early influences and some recent art crushes too, to get me inspired to begin new projects. Each of these artists come from different backgrounds and produce work in vastly different styles. Although I am obviously drawn to their work for very different reasons, their use of irresistible colour combinations and the tactile nature of their work is common to all of them. I love studying the images of their gorgeous pieces for visual inspiration, and also reading about their processes, work practices, studio spaces, and indeed what inspires them.

I hope these artists inspire you too!


Deb x

(I take no credit for the images)

Annemeike Mein is one of my earliest influences in textile art. My Mum gifted me her book "The Art of Annemeike Mein" in my early 20s and my mind was blown! This Dutch-born artist resides in East Gippsland, Victoria. She creates incredibly lifelike 2D and 3D representations of Australian flora and fauna using primarily machine embroidery on silk and linen based on her equally impressive sketches. 

Tiny Red
Tilleke Schwartz is another textile artist from the Netherlands. She hand embroiders on linen in a  contemporary, rather illustrative style, often using text in the design which is reminiscent of graffiti. When viewed closely, her work is made up of traditional embroidery and cross stitch, but the style is anything but quaint! 

Welcome To The Real World

Beware Of Embroidery

Detail -Always

Natalie Miller is an Australian fibre artist who creates beautifully textured and colourful macrame and tapestry pieces. Her work spans from decorative domestic to commercial installation to couture fashion with some impressive commissions and collaborations.

The biggest macrame chandelier in the world! Installed at Pacific Place in Hong Kong.

Collaboration with fashion lable Romance Is Born.

Jessica Grady is an artist I've only just come across through social media. Recently graduated from Norwich University of the Arts, Jessica's work has a fresh, flamboyant style that oozes youthful energy! Her textile art pieces feature hand made sequins individually stitched into floral motifs in vivid, contrasting colour combinations. She also uses found objects to great effect. 

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