Sunday, 5 February 2017

Back to reality.

Firstly, I do apologise for missing my last week's post. You guessed it… I was in that pool. Also, I had not yet set up the technology because I had spent soo much time in that pool (indoor plants and artwork were clearly the priority in my new house set up) If anyone who lives or has lived in a hot/humid climate could please leave tips on how to be creative/productive when the body and brain are saying "make yourself an icy drink and just get in the pool!" I'd be very appreciative…

Anyway, I'm back on-line and back to reality. But before I move onto new creative projects I'd just like to share the body of work I created and exhibited last year. It was actually the first time I had created work in a series of this size, building on techniques I had used on previous work but with the luxury of time to really explore and take the concept to another level. I entitled the collection "Tears of Joy" as it relates to difficult emotions I was experiencing at the time and how the creative/making process provided grounding focus and actual feelings of joy. I still feel joy when I view each piece; it's a feeling I hope to share through my work...

Here's an excerpt from my artist statement:

"….This collection explores the relationship between the random and the orderly. I love working freely, without a set plan for the finished result, allowing the work to develop organically. I begin with a colour scheme and a motif or shape in mind, and let the work dictate its direction from there. I experiment and move things around until my gut tells me to stop. For this process to be successful I need have a clear, open mind and be in touch with my intuition and I find the activity to be both stimulating and meditative.

Using individual quilted pieces to create an harmonious vignette, the process became an exercise in design problem solving. My aim was to achieve the illusion of randomly placed shapes and embellishments while maintaining balance of scale and a flow of line which is pleasing to the eye. (This is where my artistic intuition comes in) The juxtaposition between the softly quilted naturally dyed silk and the bling of the beading also creates a nice tension. I imagine the finished piece to be akin to a princess who arrives home from the ball after a big night of fun and dancing; still wearing her silk gown and jewels but disheveled, and a little frayed around the edges!

Techniques: Natural-dyeing, quilting, machine embroidery, hand-beading.

Materials: Silk, silk organza, bamboo batting, cotton, thread, sequins, beads.…"

Details and prices can be found in my online shop.

Flora 1
Flora 3
Flora 4
Flora 2
Tears of Joy
Moon and Stars
Heart's a Mess

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